2024 Summer Soccer Performance Camp

2024 Summer Soccer Performance Camp

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Become Informed with Sport Science

Synergy is a consultant company that uses sport science to help athletes and teams accomplish optimal performance.

Why SYNERGY Sport Science?

Synergy was started with the conviction that sport science provides information needed to better understand athletes’ ever-evolving performance. Sport Science has largely been confined to professional elite-level sport and university research centers. We felt that coaches, teams, and other sport organizations tasked with cultivating an environmental suitable for long-term development of aspiring athletes would also greatly benefit from sport science. That is why we created and provide a sport science platform for delivering and monitoring performance enhancement that any organization can use to help their athletes reach their potential.

Did you know…?

The meaning of Synergy is the interaction of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Synergy Athletic Solutions – Kiki Christensen Testimonial

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