Sport Performance Education

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
– Anthony J. D’ Angelo

Synergy’s philosophy is built on the continual obtainment of information, specifically the desire to gain more knowledge for the advancement of sport. We strongly encourage sport coaches, clubs and organizations from youth to professional level to do the same. Review the questions below. If you or your club/organization aim to advance training methodology, player and team development Synergy is here to help. We offer a both on on-site and remote educational workshops.

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Does my team have the physical capacity to successfully meet the requirement of competition including technical skill execution, instantaneous decision making, and tactical strategy?

Does my team have a standard level of fitness (strength & endurance)? Is it appropriate for the gender, age and level of athletes I work with?

Do I appropriately select individual players into positions to maximize their technical tactical and physical characteristics?

Does my team formation and in-game strategy match the collective physical capacity of my players?

Can I do more during training to improve my players performance? Must all of strength and conditioning training take place in a gym?

How can make sure my athletes’ preserve performance and fitness through competitive and off seasons?

My team is considering investing in sport analytics and/ or player monitoring technology (i.e. Heart Rate monitors, GPS etc.), how do I appropriately implement them into my team’s training environment to provide real value to players and coaching staff? How do I analyze this information and report it to my players?