V02 Max

VO2 Max – Maximal Oxygen Consumption

This testing technique signifies the maximum amount of oxygen an athlete can utilize when performing high to maximal intensity exercises. VO2 max testing is the gold standard for assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness and is a key predictor of endurance performance.  Endurance-based sports require their respective athletes be aerobically fit to sustain performance for the entirety of competition. Enhancing the amount of oxygen consumed during high-intensity exercise helps athletes to be more metabolically efficient, fatigue resistant, and as a consequence, better prepared for the physical demands of competition.

For whom is VO2 max Testing beneficial?

This test indirectly measures the heart’s capacity to pump blood through circulation during increasingly demanding bouts of aerobic exercise. 

We believe from a general health and wellness standpoint, EVERYONE would benefit from obtaining a benchmark of cardiorespiratory function!

Synergy uses VO2 max testing as a training tool to help enhance endurance performance and is therefore recommended for the following sports:

  • Soccer 
  • Lacrosse 
  • Field hockey 
  • Road cycling 
  • Rowing 
  • Middle-Distance Running 
  • Marathon 
  • Triathlon 

VO2 max Testing Protocol – “What to expect”

An athlete will wear a mask that allows for the direct measurement of volume and gas concentrations during inspiration and expiration. This measurement technique has been validated and most used in sport science research. The VO2 max test involves exercising on a treadmill, bike, or rower at an intensity that increases every few minutes until exhaustion. A VO2 max test is specifically constructed in a manner that allows an athlete to achieve maximal effort. Synergy uses VO2 max Testing to obtain information on heart rate and other physiological mechanism response to high intensity exercise. The data collected is used for analysis and construction of individualized training prescriptions. Thus, an athlete leaves Synergy’s lab with an excellent idea of their current fitness level as well as with effective strategies to further improve performance.