Movement Efficiency

“Move well. Move often.”
– Gray Cook

Believe it or not, athletes can learn ineffective movement patterns.

Reaching the highest level of sport requires natural talent (often referred to as “genetics”) coupled with an excellent learning environment. Synergy believes repetitive exposure to proper coaching instruction is fundamental to the development and expression of athletic performance. Athletes left without guidance may at no fault of their own adopt less than ideal behaviors and training habits. Suppose an athlete suffers an ankle injury, fails to recover strength through full a range of motion yet continues to participate in regular training and competition. Often the result is the athlete “learns” an alternative movement strategy to meet the demands of their sport which long-term may negatively affect performance or increase the likelihood for future injury. At Synergy, we protect our athletes by using movement efficiency screenings prior to training to identify existing injury and correct movement imbalances. Assuring achievement of a standard level of movement efficiency beforehand uniquely positions our athletes to maximize future “learning” through training necessary for long-term sustainment of performance.